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Our Trainers facilitate the following courses:

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Emotional Intelligence

Customer Service


How to Communicate

Dealing with Difficult People

Team Building

Flagship Trainings


Social Selling

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Power Prospecting

Power Prospecting is a live virtual training course where participants receive direct coaching on prospecting over the phone in the post-Covid era. In addition, participants learnhow to get voicemails and emails returned.

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What is Social Selling?

Social Selling is utilizing social media platforms, like LinkedIn, to take sales from COLD to GOLD.

The Willpower Social Selling training provides cutting-edge techniques that empower sales teams to connect virtually with new prospects. Participants receive direct guidance on converting connections into appointments, and appointments into new customers.

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What are the objectives?

Willpower Social Selling is a facilitator-led online training that focuses on three objectives:

What included in Your Social Selling Training?


Get More Connections

Discover the newest techniques for connecting with ideal target clients on LinkedIn. Learn how to create a winning LinkedIn profile. Tap into the best version of your professional persona as your facilitator guides you to perfect your profile. “Everyone looks you up online… before they give you time.”


Get More Appointments

Discover the winning method that converts messages into scheduled client appointments. Learn simple techniques that grab your target client’s attention. Save time and build bigger funnels.
“First impressions get you first appointments.”


Go Viral!

See three posts that help salespeople go viral and outsell others. Willpower Social Selling shows what to post, how to post and when to post… so that you get the most.
“LinkedIn is more than a place where resumes go to sit. It’s a place where revenue streams come to life.”

Power Prospecting

Power Prospecting is a workshop that improves a salesperson’s ability to attract new customers. 

Participants experience a strong learning environment which combines lecture, workshops, and role-plays. It is based on the bestselling book and sales program created by Will Harris.  

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Key Content

Power Prospecting focuses on the following training topics: 

Power Prospecting Modules

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