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Help the world

Speak your message

Do you have a Legacy?

Have you already done something that will have an impact on the world for the next 200 years? 

It can be a school, an orphanage, a program, a system, or even an impactful speech. If not, now’s the time to do so.


Do you have a powerful message?

We teach to do.  Then let you do. Our International Speaker’s Bootcamp teaches you how to speak to an international non-English speaking audience.  Then, we do what no one else will do for you.  We give you the audience to deliver your message. You could speak to 500K people live!


Retreats & Immersions

Help the world

Plan your adventure

Now! Build your legacy

Experience the joy of building your own world legacy. Create a program, system, or speech that impacts the world for the next 200 years. Attend the next legacy retreat and immersion.

Legacy Club 2022

Legacy Retreats

Develop it!

This workshop is offered in an exotic location and prepares you to make an international impact with your speech. 

Legacy Immersion

Deliver it!

This program is where you live your legacy. You deliver your speech and execute the planning from the Retreat.

Experience the Bahamas and Goa

Place: Nassau, Bahamas

Event: Feb 20th - 27th,

May 3rd - 6th,

June 5th - 9th

Place: Goa, India

Event: Aug 14th - 18th

This Retreat is hosted in Nassau, Bahamas or Goa, India. Intensive workshops prepare you to develop and deliver a global impacting LIVE speech in front of hundreds of thousands of people. Mentally, physically and emotionally you are prepped for a life changing experience.

EXPLORE YOUR LEGACY as you are led through Willpower's groundbreaking legacy speech building process called A. I. M.

Experience speaking to Hundreds of Thousands

Place: Maharashtra, India

Event: Oct 11th - 14th, 2022

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Airport Transportation
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Personal Training
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HD Videos of Speech
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Drone Footage
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News coverage

During your India Immersion you execute on your training and planning. You participate in press conferences. You are presented to over 100K people in Maharashtra.

Start your Movement

Apply the A.I.M process as creator Willpower Harris guides you to your legacy destiny. Awareness (A) is where you identify or verify your speech’s purpose. Impact (I) is where you convert your purpose into a passionate legacy speech. Mastery (M) is where you practice and perfect your speech. 

Willpower Harris' Legacy

Help the world

Building orphanages

In the News

Be the hero

The world needs heroes. If you always wanted to be a hero then here’s your chance. Like the Avengers or the Justice League, The Legacy Club pulls together heroes.

Discover more

A true international speaker must juggle everything from drafting a speech with the right rhythm in order to keep the crowd engage without becoming lost as if it was someone else’s speech.

A true international speaker is able to submerge into a culture and honor it as they bring out their own culture’s uniqueness.

These areas and much more are mastered as participants learn from Willpower Harris.


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