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Willpower Social Selling

LinkedIn Connections & Lead Generation
We make you look good, then we give you leads, and we have people call you to say they want to buy your services. It’s that simple…and it’s really that good!
Get an online makeover that will drive customers to you and utilize Willpower’s proven lead generation system that leverages social media to identify people ready to buy from you today. Awareness – Make over that gets you noticed; ideal for new job, new offer, or new brand. Impact – Make Over & Funnel System identifying thousands of your ideal target customers; ideal for generating income sooner and easier, Mastery – Makeover, Funnel System, & Lead Generation Machine; ideal for someone who does not want to prospect and only wants to deliver their services.
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Willpower Coaching

Executive Business Coaching
The best advice comes from a person who’s accomplished what you seek to accomplish. Strategic planning and business coaching for elite Entrepreneurs and CEO’s. Leverage Willpower to guarantee you hit your financial goals earlier and easier.

Willpower Music

Motivational Music & Meditation Audios
Music that motivates you to achieve your goals. Each music track contains original music along with Willpower Harris speaking over the track. Ideal for motivation,
mood music, meditation and work outs. Helps you stay positive by constantly feeding your mind Willpower.
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Willpower Clothing

Wearing Motivation
Wear clothing matching your energy and letting the world know what you’re all about. Masaru Emoto, famous Japanese author on human consciousness, did an experiment showing the impact words have on changing an environment. Various words were
written on tape and placed on a glass of water. The molecules were observed under a microscope as they begin to morph into something beautiful, or not, based on the positivity of the words. The human body is 60% water…. So what words do you want to wear today? We suggest a few!
Willpower Warrior Tshirt (color)
Willpower Warrior Tshirt (b&w)
We Are One (one size fits all)
One World, Caste, Race
Willpower Logo – We are Change
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Willpower Humanitarian Foundation

Willpower Humanitarian Foundation focuses on women empowerment, child education and ending poverty around the world. From orphans in India, an All-girls school in impoverished Ghana, to getting jobs for mothers below the poverty line in the USA.
Your donations are welcome and 100% applied to resources in one of these three areas. Donations over $100 also include direct correspondence and updates from the family or child impacted by your donation. You may also remain anonymous to the receiver of your charitable donation, if you like. Please contact Willpower Harris directly if you wish to donate. We are Change!
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Willpower Harris is a prolific writer with 12 Self Published Books (2013 – 2015); 10 Independent Titles, 8 Books Published in 2015, 3 Best Sellers, and 2 International Best Sellers.Willpower Now, Power Prospecting and We Are One are his three best sellers.

Willpower Warrior Membership

Special Access Club
Willpower Warrior is Willpower Harris’ elite membership club for entrepreneurs with a vision of impacting the world globally. Monthly membership in the Willpower Warrior Club includes excursions around the world, launching life changing programs in 3rd World
Countries, and building a tribe of like-minded Superheroes (The Divine Nine). Each level brings unlimited support and access to all Willpower Offerings and Services. Each member is given an online tribe which includes a large social media following and “feet on the ground” community activists dedicated to your same life purpose and following your leadership. Willpower Warriors empower people around the world to be their best. Awareness Premier – National Tribe, Dreamcatcher – Global Tribe, Platinum Executive – Global Legacy Building
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