Willpower Harris' Power Prospecting Seminar

What is Power Prospecting?

Power Prospecting is more than a learning experience; it is a sharing experience. Conducted by WillPower Consultation, each trainer comes with at least a decade of experience cold calling and conducting sales training. The training course is extremely interactive; allowing a participant to share their selling experience and have others share their prospecting experience. The training is the perfect combination of instructor led teaching, group discussions, individual exercises and role-plays.

Power Prospecting is a training class that focuses on improving a sales person's ability to attract new customers. Participants experience a strong learning environment which combines lecture, workshops, and role plays.

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Key Content

Power Prospecting focuses on the following training topics
  • Pre-Call preparation
  • Utilizing the gatekeeper
  • Customer – focused opening statements
  • Getting the prospect involved in the call
  • Turning around stalls and objections
  • Closing Techniques
  • Persuasive email/voicemails
  • Prioritization and Time Management Skills
  • Overcoming fear and increasing prospecting activity

Training Schedule

Module One - Prospecting Mindset

NLP is used to empower participants to become excited about prospecting. Psychology of Prospecting is introduced and participants become excited about the opportunity to prospect.

Module Two – Prioritization and Time Management

Utilizing a system that consistently fosters keeping the sales funnel full and being in control of the sales day. Eliminate procrastination and block time wasters.

Module Three – Speed Reading People

There are four types of people. Learn to speed read a person in 15 seconds, then adjust your style to that type of customer.

Module Four - Utilizing the Gatekeeper

Developing a message that targets the gatekeeper; participants are empowered to gather critical information from gatekeepers use when speaking with the decision maker.

Module Five – Opening Statements

Developing and positioning a strong attention grabbing opening statement.

Action Plan – Feedback & Questions

The participants develop an action plan on how to prepare for their next day’s calls.

Never Have to Cold Call Again!

91% of customers say they’d give referrals. However, only 11% of salespeople ask for referrals.

Too many people in sales still don’t get it. It’s not about you. It all starts and stops with the buyer. Good sales professionals are like a doctor diagnosing a patient’s illness. If you can’t uncover your customer’s problems and needs you don’t stand a chance at selling them a solution.

With Power Prospecting Experience sales success in an authentic and powerful new way. Inside this program are the secrets which result in consistently reaching your monthly sales goals.

Best Selling Author & TEDx Speaker Willpower Harris introduces Power Prospecting

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