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The Prospecting A.I.M. program is a must for anyone who needs to prospect for new business. A.I.M. is a three-step program to maximize your selling potential. When you buy all three steps in the program you get one-on-one time with Willpower Harris; and introduction into his Willpower Warrior group.

Step 1 - Awareness: Boot Camp $99

Willpower Harris takes you through the Prospecting Boot Camp. This Boot Camp guaranteed to bring you out of it with increased sales in your funnel. New hires or a new quota, you need this to quickly get something happening with your sales. Learn to be different than all the other sales calls your customers are receiving.

After completing this course, submit your opening statement for analysis by the Willpower Team. We provide feedback on perfecting your opening statement.

Program Guaranteed - Fill your sales funnel today!

Step 2 - Impact: $299

Willpower Harris takes you through guided lessons to help you be your unique self with your opening statement. You make a horrible anyone else; only you are great at being you. Willpower Harris presents and outline causing you to drop the scrips forever. Willpower Harris shares the four parts of a great opening statement. You are guaranteed to increase the number of good things that happen and decrease the number of bad.

After completing this course, submit your opening statement for analysis by the Willpower Team. We provide feedback on perfecting your opening statement.

Program Guaranteed - Have the perfect opening statement!

Step 3 - Mastery: $599

Willpower Harris shares his secrets to Virtual Prospecting and how to use pull marketing techniques to get customers calling you first. Never cold call again using the best techniques available to be your best. See interactive selling scenarios and make the decision on how the sales person should behave next. This interactive mastery series helps you Master every aspect of the Power Prospecting process and take your sales to the highest levels.

Program Guaranteed - Never cold call again!

You can choose just one. Or, choose all three and have trice the fun!

Total Program - Awarness, Impact & Mastery: $997

Get the Entire A.I.M Program

Program Benefits - Free best-selling book Power Prospecting (Audio or Signed Print Copy). One-on-One Session with Willpower Harris. Willpower helps you design your customized sales prospecting program, reviews your opening statements for email, voicemails and phone calls. Willpower Harris conducts a 3 month follow-up with you to ensure your sales success.

Will is dedicated to helping you succeed

This isn't the drop the mic program. Willpower Harris, for three months, is dedicated to helping you catapult your sales. This is a limited time offer due to Willpower's upcoming schedule. Both time and space are limited.

Now You Can Have The #1 Prospecting Program!

The Prospecting A.I.M. program is your opportunity to have all the wisdom of Willpower's virtual prospecting and sales training. If your job is prospecting for new business then this is a must for your collection. Please do the audio and booklet like you had at first. WE should highlight that the AIM process can be bought to get everything Willpower Harris has to say about Prospecting. AIM for greatness!
Turning Cold into Gold - For over a decade Willpower Harris has trained sales team how to prospect and be their unique self. Different is the new great is more than the tagline of Power Prospecting…is the base line on how to have sales success.

Power Prospecting Book

Will Harris is the international best-selling author of Power Prospecting.

As Managing Director of Willpower Consultation, his firm specializes in strategic sales training and management consultation. Will Harris’ professional background includes working for Zig Ziglar and Motorola as the Director of Global Sales Training. His personal background includes creating the Willpower Humanitarian Foundation; leading humanitarian efforts for women empowerment, child education and peace efforts. In October 2016, he delivered a speech to 600K people entitled “We need peace.” He has been married for 19 years, has one son and lives outside of Washington, D.C.
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